My First Invitation


Last january ago…My schoolmate was invite me to her wedding occation. First, i shocked when realized she will get marrage. But, we never know when Allah SWT send our future couples. I missed her so much, until i take the invitation card. She become a mature young women now..

Actually, she the one who give me a invitation card. It’s a speciall one because before it, I only get the invitation by sms, phone, or a sheet of paper that contain a address. 🙂

I’m so happy for her…

Barakallahu, my dear friend. My Allah SWT give your new Family in prosperous, happy….I hope u can build a sakinah, mawaddah and rahmah family….


3 pemikiran pada “My First Invitation

  1. i have ever in your position.But i was never called him as my soulmate, coz i didn’t believe that he would mine next time. And in the fact, i knew that he would get merried not with me. I was litle sad coz i have hope with him. Actually i wont that he would merried whit someone else, not me. But i awake, if God give me like this, i could get more better than him next time, i was believe that.

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