First Met The Internet, Met The World

First time I knew about internet is when I was on junior high school. I heard about the internet from television. Once, my fellow and I were crazy about the main cast of “RINDU-RINDU AIZAWA” *not really sure what was the title of that tv’s series *. Then one of my friend, whose name Monita *Hei, Monita, how are you ? I even don’t know where are you now ?* offered me that we could communicate with the main cast of that tv’s series. What a nice offering !! Then my friend and I wrote a letter, which we gave to Monita. She liked a postgirl for us in that moment. Few weeks later, we received the replied from Monita and informed us that the main cast have already answer our letter. We were so happy…First time sent a letter to an actress 🙂 and she is from Japan *ckk…ckk...* I even can’t believe it until now…*Thank you Monita 🙂 *..

That’s the first time I knew about email ‘function’…

I sat in second grade of senior high school at that time. In the class, my friend behind me asked me to chat via internet. I’ve been thinking ‘what is it ? Is it really I can chat with other person from another country ?’. Finaly, we went to the internet cafe and guided by ‘expert’. She clicked a icon in monitor, typed something..clicked something on monitor…clicked again… and HOLA !! we saw a list of name…She chose one name from the list and started to say ‘Hi….!’

It’s the first time I know about chatting via MlrC. I just visited internet cafe for few times while I was in senior high school. Well, I studied in a great school *little show off about my beloved school he..he..*. My school always gave a lot of homework and task that need a high focus..So, I leaved that habit *for a while 🙂 *

And how about in University ? Don’t mention it !!!

I became a princess of chatting (that my junior’s calling…*what a sad thing, didn’t it ?*)

But, actually that habit came up because I wanted to practise my english *No wonder, a lot of my friend in my list are overseas * . Lately, I added my senior high school friends ID and some of new friends from Indonesia.Become older you are, you will become ‘sick’ of chat :). Maybe it could be tolerant for sometimes.

I think internet is a Best Technology Invention (or Creation ?) for this century. Everything could done in second, as a blink in a second, so fast. You don’t need long time to send a the letter….send a file document….buy something….see someone face through the webcam *wherever he/she is*….find a recent journal *even a free one*….download a song and movie *No need to go to cassette center any more*…..You can do it from your chair, the place where you sit ….

Pic is taken from here

Thank you for mbak Putu Artati who gave the correction for this article 😆


11 pemikiran pada “First Met The Internet, Met The World

  1. istilah ‘creation’ kyknya lbh cucok dibanding ‘invention’ ya nduk, secara ini kan ciptaan, sesuatu yang sebelumnya blum ada 😀 . yap setuju. internet is like ‘see the world only by fingertipps’

    He-eh…bener juga, mbak 😀 Creation, ya?

  2. aku tau internet di jepang
    masih pake win3.1
    email masih pake eudora
    browsernya netscape
    iiih jadul amat ya
    yang pasti sih…aku benci semua orang bilang
    “Ntar deh aku imel….”
    Laaaahhh nama gue disebut-sebut terus hihihi

    Put kok gak pernah denger istilah itu, ya ? Itu zaman tahun berapa, ya, mbak ? 😆
    Iya…imel…imel…he…he…(maaf, mbak…peace..peace)

  3. wahaha… jadi inget pertama kali kenal internet jaman smu, akhirnya daku kenalin ke temen-temen smu yang lain dan voilaaa…. beberapa teman yang kukenalkan dengan internet akhirnya menjadi hacker handal di dunia maya, sedangkan daku gini-gini aja, kikiki….

    Yang penting khan distribusi ilmu..ya, gak ?!?
    Entar kita belajar lagi…biar jadi hacker handal 😀

  4. uh uh uh…
    emang diriku udah musti masuk museum sih
    ngga pernah denger istilah itu ya???
    hiks… sedihhhh

    aih mbak imelda ini…Gak segitunya lah…
    Mbak Imelda khan belum se-umuran dg Megantripus Javanicus (eh..bener gak tuh, ya, nama om purba yg ditemukan di Jawa? he..he..)

  5. we’re quite similar Put. I used internet at first mostly only for chatting. It was the time at university. Then I got bored. So I used internet only for browsing 🙂

    so u likes chat too 😆
    Yeah…i likes blogging now 😀

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